• All public areas, reception and lobby are disinfected at least once an hour and regularly ventilated with central ventilation HEPA system
• Every employee is checked before starting the shift by Security (temperature, hygiene and instructed to reduce social contacts out of working hours)
• Check-in takes place individually, with the number of people limited to two from one booking, with the maximum reduction of procedures
• Hand sanitizers are available at entrance/exit
• The reception desk, payment terminals and room keys are disinfected on a regular basis and are disinfected after each check-in
• Safe distances have been set for guests waiting in queue for reception


• The space of each room is disinfected on daily basis, along with complete disinfection of furniture and equipment available in the room
• The bedding is changed according to safety standards and using disinfectants meeting European standards EN 14476.
• Detailed disinfection of bathroom rooms is carried out every day using single-use materials and disinfectants from the professional Kiehl Germany.
• Cleaning staff work with gloves while maintaining a safe distance from guests.
• Before cleaning works, the housekeeping carts are disinfected, the vacuum cleaners are each time disinfected and the cleaning materials are used to only one room.


• Door handles, handrails, light switches, doors leading to the corridors and staircases are disinfected several times a day
• The corridors and hotel lobby are ventilated nonstop with central HEPA system
• Regular disinfection of the hotel elevator takes place, at least once an hour, with the introduction of a limit on the number of people using it at the same time to max. 2 people or one room
• at the restaurant entrances from the hotel side and from the terrace side - contactless Smart Stand Hygiene system


• Receipt of goods is organized accordingly – all boxes and cover as well as food is treated accordingly to WHO instructions before entering to the hotel premises
• Meals might be delivered to room upon guest's request, with respecting all safety rules
• Room service trolleys and waiter trays are regularly disinfected. Cutlery, porcelain and glass are scalded each time in accordance with sanitary procedures

• Restaurant staff work in disposable masks, maintaining a safe social distance


• Strict policy and protocols are applied to our SPA center premises. Including frequent disinfection, hand sanitizers, disinfected towels, restrictions in number of allowed guests at the same time, high temperature of the pool and frequent deep cleaning of locker rooms and showers


• All beach equipment is hourly disinfected
• Space is organized accordingly to Health authority recommendations (2 persons per 4 square meters)


• All employees are regularly trained in compliance with safety standards and procedures in accordance with the requirements of WHO and the Ministry of Health
• After coming to work, each employee undergoes a well-being checkup, in case of negative symptoms the employee is not allowed to work
• Each employee performs his duties, in accordance with the requirements, in a mask, in parts of the facility where direct contact with the guest takes place
• Employees have access to disinfectants - liquids, wet wipes and personal protective materials
• Common rooms for employees - toilets and facilities are disinfected regularly, using all safety standards


As of April 2021, Lazure Hotel & Marina is part of part of the international initiative SAFE TRAVELS.

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