Rosemarine Restaurant

Lazure's flagship restaurant, Rosemarine, celebrates traditional Montenegrin hospitality and the freshness of the local in-season produce. Serving a fusion of Mediterranean, South American & Asian cuisine lunch and dinner at a spot of your choice either overlooking the marina or a cozy indoor space with fireplaces.

Augusto Terrace

Sitting under the shade of a centuries-old pine tree with the gentle breeze of the salty sea is truly a one of a kind dining experience, and this pretty much sums up Augusto Terrace. Enjoy an all-day dining and finish it with any of our signature cocktails.

Rocco Lounge Bar

Named after a 200 year old chapel we meticulously restored and now part of our main hotel lobby. This lounge bar offers a variety of drinks and a selection of delectable desserts.

Beach Bar

The crowning jewel of the hotel is our stunning beach front. A place to really sit back and let your worries be soaked away by the salty kisses of the Adriatic Sea and the warm embrace of the summer sun. Grab yourself some of the delightfully crafted bites while you're at it.

Buffet Restaurant

Our buffet restaurant in the Contemporary (Modern) Building offers a spacious terrace with park views for 40 guests. The interior exudes a cozy atmosphere, and our chefs showcase international and local delicacies. With 114 seats, guests enjoy exceptional food, fresh juices, homemade iced teas, and a diverse coffee selection.

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