Co-Working Space

Lazure's co-working space combines comfort with high-tech amenities, offering clean desks to private offices. With high-speed WiFi, printers, and flexible pricing, it's perfect for any professional need. Ideal for productivity and networking, available year-round.


Lazure Hotel & Marina is adding a new pool. Guests can use a shuttle to a nearby beach with amenities until June 15. Full operations, including a new restaurant, start July 10, 2024.

Rent-a-Car Service

Lazure Hotel’s Rent-a-Car service provides guests with convenient transportation options from Tivat, Podgorica, and Dubrovnik airports. Offering latest models with manual or automatic transmission, competitive rates, and additional options like baby chairs and internet access. Full insurance mandatory for peace of mind.


Whether you’re looking for that perfect place to put down roots or just in search for a momentary tranquil place to unwind, Lazure Residences offers the best fit for your needs. Our units are available for purchase or rent, contact us to help you navigate all your options.

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