I haven't received a booking confirmation, what should I do?

Contact the hotel for assistance with your booking confirmation, or call our central booking on +382 31 781 770

When can I check in to the hotel?

You can check in from 15:00. If you arrive earlier, you can store your baggage in the hotel's baggage area until your room is ready. If the room has been cleaned and is ready before 15:00, you may have access to the room earlier. Please be aware of our additional charge for early check-in. It’s free and subject to availability if you booked your stay directly on our website.

When do I have to check out of the hotel?

The room is yours until 12:00 on your day of departure. If you wish to check out later than 12:00, please contact reception. Please be aware of our additional charge for late check-out.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! We allow cats and dogs (with a maximum weight of 9kg) at an additional cost of €15 per day.