Our 'Work-From-Anywhere' Future: Business Meets Leisure at Lazure Hotel & Marina

Lazure Hotel & Marina is more than just a five-star luxury hotel in Montenegro; it is a lifestyle choice for today’s agile professional.

Video: Lazure Hotel & Marina—Moments

Travel is about meaningful discoveries; Lazure Hotel & Marina uniquely blends sea and shore for an exceptional experience.

The Art of Full Body Indulgence: Lazure Hotel Spa

Dive right in and soak up the true meaning of Spa. A wholly immersive experience.

From Cultural Delights to Thrilling Adventures: Lazure Hotel’s Unparalleled Experiences

Indulge in the ultimate luxury escape at Lazure Hotel, where an array of experiences awaits, curated to delight and inspire..

Where is Montenegro?

Montenegro is that rarefied gem not most of us seemed to know. A glorious country that can stir up our imagination, you can just consume its beaches and ports and realize it's a postcard you can live and breathe.

Montenegro: A Hidden Gem of the Adriatic

When you are in Montenegro, you marvel at the best part of living.

Croatia? Montenegro!

Croatia has the longer coastline over Montenegro. But who’s going to need that extra coastline mile? And the truly better sand beaches of the Adriatic Sea are located in Montenegro


Lazure Hotel & Marina History

In 1688, the Venetians managed to take over Herceg Novi from the Ottoman Empire and, given city’s proximity to the Boka bay entrance, set out to make it a port.

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