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The Art of Full Body Indulgence: Lazure Hotel Spa

18 AUGUST 2023

Dive right in and soak up the true meaning of Spa. A wholly immersive experience

A woman getting a massage at a spa.

Holidays at Lazure Hotel & Marina offer a plethora of leisurely activities to invigorate weary travelers during their stay in Montenegro. In between visiting some of the most breath-taking sights the country has to behold, the hotel provides a tranquil setting within which to gently orient oneself. Many of the guests soon realize the hotel is more than just a waterfront getaway, made all the more obvious when setting foot on the premises’ private beach, exploring the yacht club, or indulging oneself at the 5-star Spa.

Through its supreme selection of quality services, the Spa strives to uphold the legacy of the Lazaret in line with the vision of St. Rocco. From deep tissue massage to sophisticated anti-aging formulas, the below treatments are designed to ward off illness and revitalize body, mind and soul.

Spa Massage

At the hotel’s Spa, skilled massage therapists turn relaxation into the merging point between a science and an art.

The Lazure Hotel Spa features an impressive massage portfolio with a wide scope of treatments capable of releasing all tension from head to toe. Holiday makers frequently enjoy the benefits of theSpa’s deep tissue massage specialties, which range from relaxation and reflexology to lymphatic drainage and immune support. Choose to enhance your experience with muscle-melting hot rocks or potent medicinal massage botanicals designed to combat stress.

Facials and Whole Body Immersions

Renewal of the skin is a whole body experience of note, especially when enhanced through the essence of nature. With Skeyndor’s top cosmetic range of facials, skin peels and body wraps, Lazure’s beauty rituals can gently awaken the senses to one of the highest qualities of well-being.

Whole body treatments are offered for all skin types, each with unique actions that strengthen the skin’s ecology, support its overall health and revitalize the complexion. By exfoliating and replenishing the top layers, facials and peels can invigorate, rebuild and nourish the skin, and help to re-invoke its natural radiance.

Body wraps touch base at a much deeper level, replacing any buried toxins with revitalizing nutrients that boost the circulation and improve skin tone. For the best results, wraps can be easily combined with a prior trip to Lazure’s luxury sauna.

From gemstone dust to soothing glacial refreshments, the element inspired ranges will have your skin completely restored and ready for the year ahead.

Expert Beauty Programs

Some arrive at the hotel expecting to have a 5-star holiday and are surprised when leaving with a 5-star body as well. That’s what the Spa’s experts are there for! Sophisticated and scientifically formulated with the edge of excellence, Lazure’s expert beauty programs effectively tackle cellulite and aim to counteract the aesthetic realities of aging.

The Anti-Cellulite Programs tackle sagging skin and volumize through the use of cutting-edge formulas containing a targeted micro delivery system. Thanks to drone technology, cellulite dissolving nutriceuticals are placed right where required, at the heart of the cell. Slimming up can be done in half the time with treatment, especially if one plans on taking advantage of the Lazure’s private gym and its spectacular oceanic scenery.

Similar formulations feature in the Spa’s anti-aging programs, which serve to correct multiple aspects of dermal senescence. Highly selective and precise, these therapies have redefined anti-wrinkle botox injections and the conventional face lift, offering many more of the benefits for far less of the hassle.Those looking to completely re-youth their skin may be flawed by the ultimate tool of the Spa’s beauty arsenal: the timeless prodigy. Imbued with 50 million Damask Rose stem cells and over 10 other active ingredients, this award-winning treatment contains everything senior skin needs for complete regeneration and revival.

The Lazure Signature

If unsure of which treatments to choose from, the end of the menu may be the best place to begin!The Lazure Signature allows for guests to sample a little of everything the Spa has to offer. As their names suggest, the Revive, Rejuvenate and Purify packages are designed to inspire a whole new you.Each signature supports a delicate balance between relaxation, cleansing and rehydration, complete with either a massage, wrap or expert treatment and complementary facial.

The quality of life is dramatically enhanced after all tension is removed from mind and body. When visiting Lazure Hotel, taking the time to immerse in one of the Spa’s beauty rituals can have a lasting impact that truly complement an outstanding vacation.

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