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Night shot of Kotor Bay with lights coming from the town

Montenegro: A Hidden Gem of the Adriatic Sea

15 JUNE 2022

When you are in Montenegro, you marvel at the best part of living

Boka bay with terracotta roof of house, boats and turquoise water
The Adriatic Sea is engulfed by a coastline of European countries of destination A-listers. On its left is the Italian Peninsula which includes the Vatican City. On the right, right at the south entrance of the Adriatic Sea are the countries of Albania and Montenegro. Moving towards the north are the nations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. It’s a traveler’s tourism haven–it’s captivating beaches and diverse European customs seduce even the staunchest refined individual.In the midst of it all, Montenegro is always the darkhorse among its peers in the Balkan Peninsula. Always dismissed with a middle child syndrome. How a country as astonishing and enamoring as Montenegro remains elusive from the amusement-hungry world is a mystery. Then maybe such an enigma prevails as its charm in lieu of validation.

Montenegro, a low-key paradise waiting to be unraveled

Summertime is where Montenegro shines the most. It’s the time it tempts travelers with beaches with never-ending vibrance day and night–always pulsating with life. But make no mistake about it, Montenegro’s coastal attraction at its facade is just as magnificent going inside with the grandeur of the Citadel as waiting to give a warm embrace. Lake Skadar offers a bird-viewing spectacle unlike any other. Enlisting more than 280 bird species like Dalmatian pelicans, pygmy cormorant, storks, falcons, herons and egrets, Lake Skadar is a must-visit spot to enjoy the liberating presence of one of the biggest bird reserves in Europe.

The Black Mountain

Montenegro directly translates to “Black Mountain” and it isn’t for nothing. In Italian, “Monte” means mountain and “Negro” means black. While not taken literally for its color, Montenegro is a mountainous inland encircled by thick forests that alludes to darkness. The christening of Montenegro as a derivation of black mountain has to take its roots from one of its mountains called Mount Lovćen. It is the most famous and most storied of all its mountains with histories of great resistance against the Ottoman Turks. It is one of the few places left unconquered during the invasion of the Balkan region.

Every place we so dearly love can just be of miniscule proportion if we happen to look at the surface of the world from afar. From that viewpoint, everything seems to be all the same. But the point is, Montenegro isn’t aspiring to be seen as equal to the rest, but for the amount of beauty it possesses.Oftentimes, we’re caught in the self-serving nature of our predisposition, we think that the best things our place can offer need to be kept from the rest of the world.Or we gravitate to the notion of unconventional ways and means that we reject anything akin to mainstream.

When you are in Montenegro, you marvel at the best part of living. It’s inspirational. It calibrates your perspective with a lot of the prevailing worldviews. Montenegro is the hidden gem of the Adriatic Sea. It is vibrant and unpretentious. Montenegro is a destination to reboot and reemerge imbibing the soulful, salty breeze of a country that’s been at the sidelines for so long now ready to take center stage in global tourism.
Sveti Stefan seen on the far left and a boar is in the middle of the sea
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